Mobile Transcript

Simply download the free Mobile Transcript* app to your iPad or smart phone, and you’re on your way to having all your transcripts and exhibits right at your fingertips, wherever you go, right on your iPad or smart phone.  Provide our reporter with your Mobile Transcript user name (usually your e-mail address) and password, and we’ll take it from there.  We will automatically upload all your transcripts and exhibits for you.  Before your hard copy transcript ever leaves our office, you will receive an e-mail notifying you that your transcript has arrived to your Mobile Transcript account.  Log in, and you will find your transcript and exhibits all in one convenient place for viewing on your iPad.  Visit to learn more.

*Donovan Reporting is not affiliated with Mobile Transcript.  We just want to help make your life easier, whatever it takes.

NOTE:  You may also use our Donovan Reporting Transcript Repository on your iPad.  Mobile Transcript just gives you another option.

Mobile Transcript from your Atlanta deposition

Now you can access your transcripts on the go!