A Message from Lori

I founded Donovan Reporting in 1991 with a commitment to excellence and a desire to create an environment where exceptional reporters could practice their trade and be highly rewarded for a job well done. I also have always felt an excitement for new technology and a drive and desire to learn and introduce others to emerging breakthroughs in our profession.

With those things in mind, we are proud to offer all the services of even the largest firms. Even so, though, I believe our most exceptional asset is our outstanding group of reporters and support staff, a staff which I believe we are able to attract and retain because of an unwavering atmosphere of respect and dignity. We employ nine highly skilled certified court reporters with an average of 20 years of reporting experience. More than half of our reporters have been with us longer than 10 years, a statistic which says more than any other words could say about the kind of company we have here.

Our moderate size enables us to hold true to our commitment to excellence and superior standards of professionalism and integrity while still having the resources to provide leading industry services. Our clients tell us that this consistency and dependability from our reporters and staff is what truly sets us apart and makes Donovan Reporting their "first and best choice" for all their reporting needs. If you are one of our existing and loyal clients, I personally thank you.  If not, I hope you will give us the opportunity to be of service. I am confident you will agree!

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Donovan Reporting is proud to be an Ethics First Firm

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