Legal Videography isn't expensive - it's PRICELESS!

Donovan Reporting proudly offers in-house video services, utilizing state-of-the-art cameras with 3-CCD HDV technology.

By bringing our video in-house, we are now able to bring the same quality to our video services to which our customers have become accustomed from our court reporting services, and the response has been overwhelmingly positive.  Now your video and reporting needs are coordinated under one roof, resulting in better service, quality, and efficiency. One call sets everything in motion for all your reporting and video needs.  It couldn’t be easier!

The video of your deposition can be delivered in the following formats:

Atlanta Legal Video Services

DVD Video (MPEG-2) Disc

We capture every deposition in High Definition, and this is the best quality version of the video. This DVD Video Disc will play on any standard DVD player and on any computer with a DVD drive.

MPEG-1 Disc

This is the preferred video file type for PowerPoint, Trial Director, Sanction, and most other trial presentation software.

Video Transcript Bundle

The deposition video will be synchronized with the official transcript, and all exhibits will be hyperlinked.  This means that each time an exhibit is mentioned in the deposition, a visual link will appear in the transcript which when clicked by the user will open an image of the exhibit on the computer screen.  The included Viewer allows you to search the deposition for keywords and to create and export video clips. We can also sync the video and transcript to be compatible with Trial Director, LiveNote, Sanction, and Summation.

Our other video services include:

Day-In-The-Life / Property & Vehicle Inspections

We can meet you at any location with our portable film studio. This type of production will be unique to your case, so please call us, and we’ll be happy to discuss how we can capture the footage you’ll need before trial.

Video Editing & Clip Creation

When you don’t want to play back the entire video deposition in court, we can create shorter clips for you. These clips can be created with a 24-hour notice, so it is never too late to call and request them.

Trial Consulting

We can help you prepare for trial by providing a technical review of your database of exhibits, transcripts, and videos. Are your documents and images scanned correctly? Do you have a contingency plan if there’s a computer problem in the courtroom?  Do you have database and videotape redundancy, “just in case”?  We can help!

Trial Playback and Presentation

We won't simply deliver your video files and forget it. We are here for you all the way through trial presentation. Just let us know when the time comes, and we will work with you to prepare for trial presentation. Whether it's a simple playback of the complete video, video clips, or complex slide presentations, we will do whatever it takes to make sure you're in good hands!