Deposition Summaries

What Is a Deposition Summary?

A Deposition Summary is an accurate, objective, and condensed synopsis of the key points in a deposition transcript.

5 Important Benefits of Deposition Summaries

  1. Save time.  Enable your legal team to focus on more specialized tasks.

  2. Assist in trial preparation.  Deposition Summaries can be a valuable tool to legal teams and even witnesses who may need a case refresher prior to trial.

  3. Streamline paperwork.  The transcript-to-Summary ratio averages about 10:1 pages. When minutes count, this simplifies the effort to locate key points in the transcript.

  4. Flexibility.  Our Summaries are provided in Word format so that you may edit them to suit your exact needs/purposes.

  5. Trust the experts.  Our Summaries are prepared by highly trained and experienced attorneys, paralegals, and subject-matter experts. It is important to note that your court reporter plays no role in preparing the Deposition Summary.

Deposition Summaries are an efficient way to review your 	Atlanta depositions.

Donovan Reporting now offers Deposition Summaries!

To download a sample Deposition Summary in PDF format, click here.